Choose one of the emerging technologies explored in the previous assignment Cloud computing or Artificial intelligence This will be the technology that september 2023

Literature matrix regarding emerging technologies(Cloud computing or Artificial intelligence)
Choose one of the emerging technologies explored in the previous assignment(Cloud computing or Artificial intelligence). This will be the technology that you focus on for this assignment. Find as much research and information as you can about how other organizations are utilizing this technology, how it’s being developed, what is expected, etc… You will complete a literature matrix regarding the research that you’ve found. You should expect to spend time reading, reviewing, and aligning scholarly articles and materials that you find regarding your technology. The Literature Matrix: The literature matrix is a document that assists in the organization of references that you find useful for your research paper. It helps to document key aspects of your literature so that you can quickly reference it later. An example of a literature matrix format that you need to use for this assignment is attached. A template is also provided. Please be sure to use this template. The matrix must be completed in full – see the example for exemplary completion of a reference on the literature matrix. **One trick I find useful when looking for research is to go to the ‘key words’ within the articles you find. Length: 12 references Literature review Matrix attached!!

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