DQ 1 This week s lecture describes the advantages and disadvantages of using Kirkpatrick s taxonomy As a human resources september 2023

DQ 1-2
DQ 1 This week’s lecture describes the advantages and disadvantages of using Kirkpatrick’s taxonomy. As a human resources employee tasked with creating and evaluating a training course for your organization, how would you use Kirkpatrick’s taxonomy to evaluate the training? What could you do to minimize the disadvantages of the tool? DQ 2 Read the article “ Apple is BetaTesting an Update that Kills Evasion Jailbreak .” In the textbook, beta testing is described as used for formative evaluation and for fine-tuning. How does the story of Apple’s betatest meet the criteria? http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/02/25/apple-is-beta-testing-a-fix-for-evasi0n-jailbreak/

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