Effective Leadership in a Global Constituency According to Huddleston 2000 The real challenge will be to september 2023

Week 9 Discussion Post (250 Words)
Effective Leadership in a Global Constituency According to Huddleston (2000) “The real challenge will be to wed accountability, the traditional essence of public service, to the best characteristics of transnational business—leanness, seamless diversity, and adaptability—to create a new global public administration.” Drawing on the article by Huddleston and the reading from your textbooks, describe how you envision the work of a public service leader in a global environment. consider the following: What leadership characteristics would he or she possess? What issues might he or she face? What might ethical leadership look like in a global administration? How might you apply the concepts you have studied to such an environment? Reference Huddleston, M. W. (2000). Onto the darkling plain: Globalization and the American public service in the twenty-first century. Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory (Transaction), 10 (4), 665.

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