Example attached Use the topic below to complete assignment A writing pen on verbal instructions This pen will september 2023

M3 HCI Project Deliverable 150-200 words
Example attached. Use the topic below to complete assignment : A writing pen on verbal instructions. This pen will be programmed to take verbal instructions and writing with the person’s handwriting. This product will be used by those with amputated arms or the blind who wish to write letters with their original handwriting. Although there are verbally instructed typing machines, they do provide for a human handwriting. The product will be named a writing pen on verbal instruction. Now that you are familiar with the UCSD model, for each of the 5 steps of the model, define how only one of the 5 HCI tools/products aims to fulfill these requirements. In other words, choose only 1 of the 5 ideas from the previous HCI Project Deliverable to expand upon. For example, a task that Google Glass performs is the user’s ability to capture data based on what they see. Provide the following: what tasks will be performed by interacting with your technology; what guidelines and rules must be followed by end users who interact with your technology; how will you assess (evaluate) whether your HCI tool/product is effective.

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