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Consultant to the Client  Organization 

Fig Technologies is a global technology solutions firm  with offices around     the globe. Fig Technologies’ corporate headquarters is just  outside Mobile,      Alabama. Fig recently acquired several smaller firms in  different regions to      expand its products and service lines. Assimilating the  processes, systems,     and  human capital has presented a significant challenge. The  leadership has      chosen  to bring in an outside firm to address concerns. You are  the        consultant  from  that firm, The Solution Group. 

Fair Treatment of Ethnicities 

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) has authorized The  Solution Group,      (the company you work for) to assess assimilation of recent  transfers into the    workplace environment in the newly opened IT division of Fig  Technologies in     Tyler, Texas. The Tyler IT division was aligned with its  counterparts in      Qatar   and Germany. In an effort to assimilate the newly formed  virtual      teams,  a    contingent from each of the three offices went to the other       offices for a    two-month immersion. The purpose of the short-term exchange     was  to  learn    culture, process, and systems. Some hostilities have been     reported  in all     three  offices by team members as to difficulties with the    visiting  team    members.  The  ELC wants more information. 

Your objective is to determine how to assess the  assimilation progress of      workers to different people and cultures. Is there  acceptance? What are         possible roadblocks and obstacles (e.g., language, common  terminology,        customs,  and work ethics). As a consultant, how would you complete  this        assessment and  report results? 

Your assignment instructions are as  follows: 

  1.  Introduce the composition of the three 10-member teams in each of the                              sites. You do not need names, though you should develop      an           ethnically         diverse       team of locals and visitors    from   the   other         respective     worksites     and    national        cultures.     Explore the         differences in     culture, perspective, and    experience   of   your team.   Include       whether the work     culture in    these       countries   is           individualistic     or collective. This        section   should be 200       words,       approximately         half of a    page.            
  2. Develop a short assessment tool in order to measure assimilation. Tools                              may include one of the following: a survey (no more    than   10             questions),     an         interview (no more than 10      questions), or     natural         observation       (approximately       half      of a page,     including a copy   of   the     assessment tool            questions). The CSU           Online Library is   a   great     place to find        information     about     research   questions.               
  3. Assessment and results: Develop a one and a half-page summary of your                              assessment results and how you determined these results      based     on     the         answers.         The results must address the      challenges   of   these     three         dynamic cultures   and            perspectives working     together in   a   live,   onsite,       and remote        environment.   Also,         identify the     demographic   data and            cultures that make   up the       organization and         how these   relate      to the       U.S. population.   Show     how you   will     analyze and use            this data in your         assessment.    
  4. Present your three approaches for improving assimilation onsite. Support                              your approaches. This section should be approximately      half     of   a       page. 

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