Geography Discussion – Get Instant Assignment Homework Help –

Geography Discussion – Get Instant Assignment Homework Help –

Geography Discussion – Get Instant Assignment Homework Help –

Geography – Get Instant Assignment Homework Help –

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Instructions: Watch the video below, then turn to the group discussion and respond to any one of the 8 questions at the bottom following the guidelines provided.

 Video Title: ” Inside Rio’s favelas, the city’s neglected neighborhoods.” 8 min. 59 sec. Aug 1, 2016

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Discussion rules:

1) You must first watch the video before you submit a post.

2) Three posts are required for full credit: 1) Your original postdue Sunday 03/21– you will not be able to see others’ posts until you submit your first post. Your original post MUST BE DETAILED – at least 100 words but not exceeding 150 words. Your original post must contain fascinating facts, names of people, names of places, etc.; takeaways, intellectual questions); 2) Two responses (due Tuesday 03/23) reacting to posts submitted by others in the class. Responses to others must be respectful and positive even when you disagree. You are not allowed to qualify other students’ responses (“great job Jacob; Excellent Jane, etc., etc.…” – that’s my job! You must respond to their substance.   

3) Save your original response on your computer or email it to yourself – just in case.

4) Responses should reflect a thought process, and therefore, must be detailed.

Credit-bearing activity

THIS IS A CREDIT-BEARING ACTIVITY! – This is not your 2-sentence type response for 20 points from me!

Questions: For your original (first) post, answer any of these 8 questions below based on the video you watched. For full credit, your answers to the questions must be supported by specific information from the video, such as facts, names of people, places, organizations, etc.

  1. What motivates people and drives creativity inside a Favela? List and explain three things.
  2. List and explain three environmental problems you would expect to find in a Favela.
  3. List and explain three ways people make a living in a favela
  4. If you had a billion dollars to spare, list and explain three things you would do to make life better in a Favela
  5. American pop star Michael Jackson shot his video “They Don’t Care About Us” in Santa Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro. List and explain three reasons this would bother you if you lived in Santa Marta favela at the time.
  6. What advice would you give to a 6th-grade class attending middle school in a favela? List and explain three of the top things you would advise.
  7. International representations of Favelas mostly focus on negative things. List and explain three images of favelas commonly portrayed by international media.
  8. List and explain three social problems you would expect to find in a Favela.

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