SRM320 – Week 4 Quiz Get Instant Assignment Help With Us – Assignments Online |

SRM320 – Week 4 Quiz Get Instant Assignment Help With Us – Assignments Online |

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1.  If a person imperils himself or herself unnecessarily to danger and is injured, the defense in a liability suit may claim: (Points : 1) 


  1. In loco parentis

  2. Contributory negligence

  3. Assumption of risk

  4. Act of commission

  5. Proximate cause


Question 2. 2.  Office management tasks include all of the following except: (Points : 1) 


  1. Telephone communications

  2. Word processing

  3. Ordering and disbursing office supplies

  4. Making departmental decisions

  5. Preparing report


Question 3. 3.  Decisions handed down by courts in regard to physical education classes indicate that: (Points : 1) 


  1. Students may not be denied the right to graduate for failure to take physical education courses

  2. If it is a violation of a student’s principles to participate in certain activities, provisions must be made for alternative activities

  3. Demands by parents for deviation from the physical education requirements

    1. must be honored

  4. All of the above

  5. A and C


Question 4. 4.  It is important that records: (Points : 1) 


  1. Be kept intact for later reference

  2. Be kept up to date

  3. Never be removed from the office

  4. All of the above

  5. A and B


Question 5. 5.  The physical education office in a school should be located: (Points : 1) 


  1. Near health service and athletic training offices

  2. Near the rear of the building

  3. Near the gymnasium

  4. A and C

  5. B and C


Question 6. 6.  Surveys show that premiums for school insurance are paid by: (Points : 1) 


  1. Parents

  2. The school

  3. The insurance company

  4. All of the above

  5. A and B


Question 7. 7.  It is appropriate for the general reception area to: (Points : 1) 


  1. Be separated from the rest of the office

  2. Be used as a staff lounge area

  3. Be equipped with comfortable chairs

  4. All of the above

  5. A and C


Question 8. 8.  Office personnel should possess the following skills: (Points : 1) 


  1. Word processing

  2. Communication

  3. Conceptual

  4. A and B

  5. All of the abov3


Question 9. 9.  The secretary should have a minimum of: (Points : 1) 


  1. A junior high school education

  2. A high school education

  3. A junior college diploma

  4. An associate of arts degree

  5. A master’s degree


Question 10. 10.  Good public relations regarding the use of the office telephone dictate that: (Points : 1) 


  1. Faculty members are always available to answer the telephone

  2. The telephone is allowed to ring more than once before it is answered

  3. Office personnel are permitted short personal calls

  4. Callers should not expect to leave messages on voice mail

  5. A and C


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