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A+ Answers Get Instant Assignment Help With Us – Assignments Online | assignmentsonline.org

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1. ( 20 points) (a) Use the quadratic formula to determine the roots of the equation: 2x 2 + x – 1 = 0. (see section 5.2) (b) Determine the vertex of the parabola y = 2×2 + x – 1. (recall, the x value of the vertex is given by x = -b/2a) (c) Use parts a and b to sketch the graph of y = 2×2 + x – 1. You may wish to determine a few other “points that the parabola passes through” to obtain a more accurate graph. 2. (15 points) How high will a baseball that is thrown up into the air at 48 feet per second go if it starts its flight at a height 6 feet above the ground? (Hint, read section 3.5 carefully. This is another application of the quadratic, recall the x value of the vertex is given by x = -b/2a) 3. (25 points) (a) Section 4.2 Number 4. (b) Solve for x:
| x – 1 | = 4 (c) Sketch the graph of the function y = | x – 1 | and use your graph to indicate your solution of part b. 4. (15 points) (a) Perform the indicated operation and express the result in the form a + bi. (1 + −5 )(1 – −5 ) (b) Simplify. – i 11 (c) Find all real numbers x and y that satisfy the equation: -3x – 1 + 2yi = 4x – 5i. See example 11, section 5.3 5. (15 points) Section 2.7, exercise number 8. Make sure that you compute the area. 6. (10 points) A rain gutter is to be made up of rectangular aluminum sheets 12 inches wide by turning up the sides edges 90 degrees. What depth (of the edges) will provide a maximum cross sectional area and thereby provide for the greatest flow of water? (Hint, think of quadratic equations and that you want to maximize the “cross sectional area”.) Extra credit problems 1. The profit P, in dollars, for a company that produces antivirus and systems utilities software is: P = -0.0002×2 +140x – 250,000, where x is the number of units sold. What sales level will yield a maximum profit?
2. A worker (on earth) dropped a screwdriver from the top of an elevator shaft. Exactly 5 seconds later he heard the sound of the screwdriver hitting the bottom of the shaft. How tall is the elevator shaft? 3. A bicycle manufacturer has determined that when x hundred bicycles are built, the average cost per bicycle is given by C(x) = 0.1×2 – 0.7 x + 2.425, where C(x) is in hundreds of dollars . How many bicycles should be built in order to minimize the average cost per bicycle? 

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