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For your Jungle paper assignment, select a topic related to urbanization, industrialization, immigration and Gilded Age politics that Upton Sinclair’s book, The Jungle, illuminates and explores. There are numerous possibilities, such as workplace safety, urban politics, treatment of immigrants, child labor, the meat packing industry, unions, socialism, sanitation, government regulation, etc. Focus on the 1880-1910 period.

You are required to use at least two scholarly articles located through JSTOR and a minimum of seven primary source newspaper articles located through the newspaper databases. These materials are located through the Ellis Library web site in the Research Database section.

Use also what you have learned from the textbook, documentaries (“The River Ran Red” and “The Geography of Hope”), and lectures.

Use the scholarly and primary sources to clarify and examine your chosen subject. You must also give clear examples from The Jungle that touch upon your topic. These need to be cited in your end notes. Be sure to reference The Jungle (particular characters and events that relate to your topic), scholarly articles, newspaper articles, the text, documentary, and lectures used in your research. End notes are not to be counted as part of the 1,200 word requirement.  

In a closing “Modern Times” paragraph, discuss how things have changed and/or not changed in the time since Sinclair wrote The Jungle. Use relatively recent newspaper articles for this part of the assignment.

1,200 word minimum (not counting notes), 12-pt type, one-inch margins.

Word to the wise–Do Not Use Any Type of “Shortcut.” No “wiki,” or Sparknotes or purchased papers. Any and all plagiarism receives an “F” grade for the entire course!

Post your papers into SafeAssign by midnight Sundayday, Feb. 24th and bring a hard copy to class on the 25th.

A note about endnotes:

In the library’s Research Databases web site, scroll down to the “The Chicago Manual of Style” (under “C”). Chapter 14

(14: Documentation I: Notes and Bibliography) contains the information you need to properly cite you sources. Please use the endnotes.

This link (below) might take you directly to the manual. If not, simply access it through the Research Databases (as noted above).


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