HR Headline Facing the Workforce of the Future The diversity of the U S population has changed september 2023

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HR Headline: Facing the Workforce of the Future The diversity of the U.S. population has changed significantly over the past decade, and more shifts are expected over the next 20 years. Some examples include: 1) construction firms are employing a large number of Hispanic/Latinos and they must adapt their recruiting, training, and safety practices to reflect this diversity in their workforce; 2) Harley-Davidson increased the number of minority and women managers and workers by 20% over the past decade which has resulted in more African America, Latino, and women customers; 3) long-haul trucking companies are focusing on recruiting and training women to counter an expected shortage of 111,000 drivers by 2016. Questions for Discussion: Post to the Forums by midnight Thursday and respond to at least 2 members of the class by midnight, Sunday of the week using critical analysis and scholarly discussions. 1. What do you think are the major reasons that more organizations are recruiting a diverse workforce? 2. What are some ways that recruiting would be done differently to attract more African Americans? Latinos? Women? 3. What are some ways that training would be done differently for African Americans? Latinos? Women?

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