Individual Research Paper On Where The State-of-the-art Will Be In The Near Future For One Of The Following Technologies. – Instant Assignment Help |

Individual Research Paper On Where The State-of-the-art Will Be In The Near Future For One Of The Following Technologies. – Instant Assignment Help |
Information Systems – Instant Assignment Help |

Here is a description of my paper and the topics that I can choose from.

 While developing the Research Paper, the following questions should be used as a checklist: 

  • Does the research deal with significant and meaningful problem that lends itself to a substantial research effort?
  • Is there a justification that demonstrates why the problem is worth studying?
  • Is it clear who or what will be aided by research findings?
  • Will the findings provide a basis for generalized conclusions or have practical applicability?
  • Is the purpose of the research expressed clearly?
  • Is the research question or hypotheses stated concisely and explicitly? Does it logically flow from the problem?
  • Are limitations of the study identified with recognition of their consequences?
  • Are technical terms well defined? Are definitions clear and unambiguous?
  • Is the theoretical framework related to previous research? Is previous work on the topic critically appraised?
  • Is the research informed by primary sources of theories, concepts, principles and models in the field, and are they referred to specifically?
  • Are methods of data collection appropriately explained?
  • Is data analysis complete and presented logically?
  • Are conclusions and recommendations useful and tied to findings?


Guidelines for the format of the paper are as follows:

  • The paper should be 10-12 pages of text in length. (This minimum and maximum length should not include the title page, separate figures and tables, or the list of references);
  • The paper should include a one paragraph abstract, an introduction, and a conclusion – think as if you were writing for a professional journal;
  • The paper should use the APA format (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, page numbers with running head in upper right corner, section titles, citations, and references in accordance with the APA standard).

 Your paper could include a description of the state-of-the-art in your technology, a discussion of where the sources that you read believe the technology is heading in the near future, and a discussion of how this technology will affect the choices you would make if you were making purchase recommendations for a client. Although there is room for personal opinion in your paper, you must justify your conclusions. 


  • Multi-core computing
  • Symmetric multiprocessing
  • Distributed computing
  • Cluster computing
  • Parallelism, e.g., Massively parallel computing
  • Cluster computing
  • Grid computing
  • Quantum computing
  • Emerging storage technologies
  • Peripheral connections and buses
  • Video display systems
  • CPU architectures
  • Very Large Scale Integration systems
  • Microprocessor advancements
  • Memory technologies (e.g., non-volatile memory)
  • Optical technologies
  • Cache organization and operation
  • I/O Advancements
  • Deep Learning accelerators
  • Data Center advancements
  • Emerging mobile technologies and tools
  • Neural circuits
  • Expanding bandwidth
  • Computer architecture and energy efficiency
  • DNA computing
  • Coupling and Coupling strategies
  • Pipelining
  • DMA
  • SIMD architectures
  • MIMD architectures
  • Processor interconnection
  • Multithreading techniques
  • Trends in embedded systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Other (with instructor approval.)

Note:  Most of the listed topics are very broad, so you should narrow your research to some specific technical aspects related to the subject. 

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