Is The Communist Manifesto A Utopian Text – Get Instant Assignment Homework Help –

Is The Communist Manifesto A Utopian Text – Get Instant Assignment Homework Help –

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The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1848), is one of the most influential books of all time and has ignited endless political and social debate, both in words and in violence; for this reason, despite its brevity, the book is also difficult to effectively analyze. However, I would like you to think of this text as a historical text which provides unique evidence for mid-nineteenth century society and culture.

Please read the Manifesto in its entirety (pp. 1-81 in the assigned edition), including the Prefaces of the various international editions, which give some indication of the evolution of the way that the communist message is directed at different audiences. Then, in a short essay of three pages, please answer ONE of the following questions:

1.  Is it fair to consider the Manifesto as a utopian text or is it something different? Develop a definition of “utopia” as you consider Marx and Engels’ priorities, arguments and assumptions in their vision for the future.

Please be sure to follow the proper format in your submissions. Give your essay a compelling title. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style: include footnotes for any information you take from the sources and include a bibliography. I will be grading you based on (1) the strength and development of your thesis, (2) your use of the primary source evidence and (3) your accuracy and thoroughness in citing your sources.

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