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From now on professor wants concise observation or point on the basis of one or more of the readings.


he Modern Middle East, Ch. 17 (texts by Khomeini and Shariati)

Burke/Yaghoubian, Struggle and Survival, Chs. 15, 16, and 22

Write an initial post (maximum 100 words) that makes a concise observation or point on the basis of one or more of the readings.

Why was there a revolution in Iran and not in other countries? Was Islam the only ideological choice for Iranians? Does Islam provide a specific vision of state and politics or does it provide multiple visions? How did the revolution become “Islamic?” How did people experience the revolution?


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Do not simply state that you agree or like the post–it must be a substantive comment (maximum 75 words)


I believe there was a revolution in Iran and not in other middle eastern countries because of Muhammad Reza Shah being directly put into power by foreign powers. The Iranian opposition was comprised of broad swaths of the popular communist, Islamist, and liberal democratic coalitions that were able to capitalize on omnipresent anti-colonial sentiment and rhetoric. Clearly, Islam was not the only ideological choice due to the popularity of the communist and liberal democratic opposition. As mentioned in class the revolution was not Islamic in its early days. People experienced the Revolution in different ways depending on where they lived and how they identified. This is clear in the story of Rostam, a Qashqa’i Rebel who was affected by Muhammad Reza’s government increase in repression of groups who were thought to be sympathetic to opposition causes (like his nomadic community was).



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