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Islam – Faith Vs. Tradition – Get Instant Assignment Homework Help –

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 Mustafa Akyol: Faith versus tradition in Islam | TED Talk 

As within every religion, there is always a difference between  what is found in the holy scriptures and the way that the religion plays out culturally and politically. This video draws a distinction between the core tenants of Islam found in the Qur’an and the political and cultural traditions in some Muslim societies. After watching this TedTalk, has your perception about Islam changed,  knowing that some of the things that may have have colored your perception are not core beliefs in Islam, but cultural adaptations due to globalism? The video on What Does the Quran Really Say About The Hijab can also assist you with this assignment. 

Technical Assignment Details: 

Your initial response should be clear and support your view. Write about in your initial post with a minimum length of 175 words.

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