Learning Objective 4 – Instant Assignment Help | assignmentsonline.org

Learning Objective 4 – Instant Assignment Help | assignmentsonline.org
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  • Write a 3 to 3.5 -page paper
  • In your analysis, address the following question: What is qualitative research? What is qualitative data analysis? What are the different qualitative data analysis techniques and how could a researcher use ANYONE of these techniques? 
  • You have been given and MUST USE the required material for this learning objective in this weeks folder in the content section in D2L 

Paper Checklist

Please use the following checklist as guidance for ALL your papers:

  • Introduction
  • Paper has a heading stating “INTRODUCTION”  (Check)
  • Intro explains why the topic that you are discussing is relevant to your class or your topic (Check)
  • Paper identifies the thesis statement: THE THESIS STATEMENT IS THE QUESTION THAT YOU are answering or the focus of the paper. (Check)
  • Paper identifies sequentially, how the thesis statement will be addressed. (Check)
  1. Discussion
  • Paper has a heading stating “DISCUSSION”  (Check)
  • Follows THE EXACT SEQUENCE indicated in the introduction section, to discuss the thesis statement (Check)
  • Each idea identified in the sequence (in the introduction), is an italicized subheading with subsequent discussion(Check)
  1. Conclusion
  • Paper has a heading stating “CONCLUSION”  (Check)
  • Relate back to the introduction (Check)
  • Have ideas that go beyond merely identifying the introduction topics and discussed the student’s opinion about what was learned and the relevance of what they learned to the course. (Check)
  1. Reference
  • Has a heading stating “REFERENCE”  (Check)
  • Has a MINIMUM of THREE references and all the references ARE in APA style. (Check)
  • All references are cited in-text (Check)
  1. Grammar
  • Read the paper once (Check)
  • Have someone else read the paper for grammatical errors (Check)

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