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Movie Review Instructions

Choose a movie to review that has a strong marriage coaching theme in it. Your review requires you to interact with the content of the film in a way that allows for an understanding of the impact that movies can have on the marriage coaching process. For example, in the movie, Fireproof, Caleb’s father serves as a marriage coach in encouraging, modeling, and providing accountability for Caleb as he made decisions about his marriage. 

Each review must be 2–3 pages and must adhere to current APA formatting.


Your title page must include the running head, title of your paper, your name, and the name of your university.

Use the following format in completing your Movie Reviews:

The Review

Give your impression of the movie with only a brief description of the plot summary. Resist the urge to retell the whole plot of the movie; instead, share the scenes that had the greatest impact on your thinking or the most potential for use in the marriage coaching relationship. What aspects of the movie should the viewer look for if they have not seen the movie, and what aspects/scenes do you think would warrant further reflection and why?

Coaching Implications

Having noted the scenes that have value for use in your coaching practice in the “Review” section, what is the specific value that you see for use in the coaching process? For example, if you observe emotional outbursts, angry tirades, attempts at connection, empathic listening, etc., point out the scene and the way in which it could be used to enhance your client’s understanding of the skill/technique you are attempting to teach. Are you using this scene to make an emotional, cognitive, or spiritual connection? Make a connection to course material as a rationale for choosing this scene.

Personal/Professional Implications

How did you connect with the movie on a personal level? How did it confirm or challenge some of your perceptions of the marriage coaching process? How will you utilize this information personally or professionally to impact your delivery of marriage coaching services? Were there any scenes that you strongly agreed/disagreed with on a personal level and why?

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