one discussion post 200 words Captain of the Ship The Good the Bad and the Ugly Yes one september 2023

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one discussion post – 200 words Captain of the Ship The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Yes, one of my favorite Clint Eastwood film…but, I want you to think about past and present leaders. I’d like to see a mini synopsis of who led their organizations well, and why. What were their characteristics? Who stunk up the joint? What were the variables? Time and circumstance or an utter lack of character and leadership skill? This is much like thinking of your favorite teachers from K-12. I’ll bet each and every one of us can quickly name a few that had great impact on us. So, for leaders, who has had an impact on you? Support your comments from the readings, this week. Look forward to getting some new tips I might have missed while immersed in the healthcare field for so long! This might look slightly similar to Week 1, but my intention is to move the discussion towards very specific players from your past (or present…names don’t need to be mentioned). The very last reading for the week discusses something that many don’t like to think of: non-profit. How have the leaders you have worked for moved the entity forward in a positive, community-enriching direction? I know, I know…lots of sub-questions with this DQ. Dive in, the water’s fine…You could even make this a Top 10 List or Top 5 list of ‘do this and you’ll be fine’ relative to leadership actions.

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