Organizational Team Development Analysis ( Minimum 6 Pages APA ) – Instant Assignment Help |

Organizational Team Development Analysis ( Minimum 6 Pages APA ) – Instant Assignment Help |
Human Resource Management – Instant Assignment Help |


· Explain change management and supporting theories and supports statements with relevant real-world examples.

· Explain shared vision disciplines and supporting theories  

· Explain team learning skills and supporting theories  

· Consider your audience as you choose (shared vision and team learning skills) and decide how to discuss it and what to present. Ideally, this audience would be the larger organization in which the team functions, but it could also be to the session team itself, members of an educational forum, or another group. Make judgment calls about the audience’s needs and setting

· Create a personalized metaphor explaining change management. Invent your own unique metaphor and use it to explain your shared vison theory and team learning skills . That is, develop a graphic or verbal image of something familiar to explain an unfamiliar thing or process. An important part of considering an audience is to provide a powerful metaphor to help audience members understand and remember the relevant information. Causal loops and the ladder of inference are examples of graphic metaphors.

· Synthesizes learning regarding team dynamics and the value of team development disciplines; and recommends strategies to improve team dynamics through the use of the disciplines.

· Analyze learning as team development facilitator What worked? What does not work? What would you do differently next time?

· Analyze some of the challenges as team facilitator – using real examples 

· recommend strategies for continual growth as a facilitator.

· Provide your recommendations for enhancing team development that use learning disciplines to support future team learning that is practical, justified, memorable, and actionable for your team and your audience (ideally, the larger organization to which the team belongs).

· Explains the impact of recommendations on helping to move towards a preferred future; and recommends implementation strategies.

· Identifies resources containing the most important information related to change recommendations; and provides rationale for selection.

· Show how your recommendations for building more effective teams will help the audience move closer to its preferred future and provides rationale for selection.

· Include some models from  shared vision disciplines and team learning skills  that support team learning.

· Describe the potential power of using the five disciplines to support team learning.

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