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1. What is the default file extension for a file saved in Word 365?

A. .doc365

B. .docext

C. .docx

D. .doc


2. Formulas within table cells always begin with

A. parentheses.

B. a symbol that looks like a backwards F.

C. theAutoSum symbol.

D. an equals sign.


3. How do you change the top and bottom margins of an entire document?

A. Click on the Tools tab and then on Options.

B. Click the Page Layout tab and then the Orientation button.

C. Click the Page Layout tab and then the Margins button.

D. Click on the View tab and then on Header and Footer.


4. In Word, a red wavy underline indicates a/an

A. hard page break.

B. possible grammatical error.

C. possible misspelled word.

D. AutoCorrect suggestion.


5. Default tab stops are set in Word every _______ inch.

A. 1

B. 3/4

C. 1/4

D. 1/2

6. Which of the following menu commands would you select to make a copy of an open file and rename it?

A. SaveAs

B. Replace

C. Copy

D. Versions

7. When pointed over text within a paragraph, the cursor takes the shape of a/an

A. four-headed arrow.

B. left-pointing arrow.

C. right-pointing arrow.

D. I-beam.

8. What screen enables you to customize how files will be saved on your computer?

A. Save As Options

B. Save Options

C. Auto Options

D. Word Options

9. You’re working in a table that has three columns and five rows. Since the first row will be a header row, you want it to span all three columns. What formatting feature should you use?

A. Combine cells

B. Connect cells

C. Merge cells

D. Autofit cells

10. Which icon allows you to add a style to a chart?

A. 3

B. 1

C. 4

D. 2

11. Ned and Mary Ann are saving their files to a CD. When prompted, Ned will click on Burn file to disc, indicate the recording speed, and click Burn to disc. When prompted, Mary Ann will click on Burn files to disc, indicate how she’ll use the files, click on Burn to disc, and indicate the recording speed. Who is correctly saving their files to a CD?

A. Both Mary Ann and Ned

B. Only Mary Ann

C. Only Ned

D. Neither Mary Ann nor Ned

12. Once you’ve saved a block of text or graphics for easy insertion in other documents, you’ll see it in the _______ gallery.

A. Photo Space

B. Quick Parts

C. ClipArt

D. Multimedia Online

13. You send a report to your boss for feedback and she returns it to you with her edits noted in the electronic file. This Word feature is called

A. Track Changes.

B. Online Edits.

C. Online Markup.

D. Markup Changes.

14. Angela and Jose saved files to a USB drive as well as on their computers’ hard drive. Angela says when she makes changes to a file on the USB drive, the same file on her computer will update. Jose says that the files on the USB drive won’t be in sync with the files on his computer. Who is correct?

A. Both are correct.

B. Only Jose is correct.

C. Neither is correct.

D. Only Angela is correct.

15. Suppose you want to view a document that has several headings. What view would you use?

A. Outline

B. Draft

C. Web

D. Read

16. How do you access the dictionary and thesaurus in Word?

A. Click the Dictionary/Thesaurus icon in the upper-left page.

B. In the Insert tab, click the Help icon to the left of the Spelling & Grammar tool.

C. In the View tab, click the Dictionary icon.

D. In the Review tab, click the Define icon next to the Spelling & Grammar tool.

17. If you want to insert a column into an existing table, what would you do?

A. Click one of the insert buttons in the Data group of the Layout tab.

B. Click one of the insert buttons in the Rows & Columns group of the Layout tab.

C. Click in the Table Style Options group of the Design tab.

D. Click Column in the Insert tab.

18. If you press the Tab key when you’re in in the last cell of a table,

A. the cell is divided.

B. a new row is added.

C. a new table is added.

D. a new column is added.

19. The _______ is the area on your screen where you can access the tab and menu options for Word.

A. Navigation bar

B. Ribbon

C. Status bar

D. Backstage view

20. What is the purpose of OneDrive?

A. OneDrive allows the user to work on one computer drive at a time.

B. OneDrive saves files to the Desktop.

C. OneDrive organizes files on an external hard drive.

D. OneDrive allows the user to save files online or in the cloud.










Section 2


1. What are the two types of formulas in Excel?

A. Logical and Boolean

B. Trig and Mathematical

C. General and Currency

D. Complex and Simple

2. After inputting a formula or a piece of data into a cell, what happens to the cell pointer when you press Enter?

A. It moves down one cell.

B. It moves to the last cell in the column.

C. It moves to the next adjacent cell to the right.

D. It moves up one cell.

3. If you sort a portion of an Excel sheet and you get an error message such as #DIV/0, what is a likely cause of the error message?

A. One or more cells contain absolute cell references.

B. You’re attempting to sort too many cells.

C. One or more cells contain relative cell references.

D. The cell ranges are incorrect.

4. Andrea needs to format the legend on her chart. She clicks on the chart to select it. Which of the following options appears only when a chart is selected?

A. Review

B. Chart Tools

C. Insert

D. Page Layout

5. Keeping in mind the role the order of precedence plays in equations, what would Excel display as the result of the following equation?



A. 28.2

B. 198

C. 109.5

D. 5.5

6. Which of the following is a group of cells chosen to perform an action?

A. Data series

B. Command

C. Group

D. Range

7. Joshua needs to join the text in two cells together. Which of the following would perform this function?

A. =”Good”&”Morning”

B. =”Good”+”Morning”

C. =”Good”&&”Morning”

D. =Good “&” Morning

8. The functions you tend to use regularly are listed where on the Ribbon?

A. Logical

B. Recently Used

C. Date & Time

D. Text


9. John wants to see the formulas he has used in his spreadsheet but he does not want to see the results of the formulas. How does he display his formulas?


A. Click Evaluate Formulas.

B. Click Print Formulas.

C. Click on Trace Precedents.

D. Click on Show Formulas.

10. What category of predefined formulas in Excel contains the Boolean functions?


A. Recently Used

B. Math and Trig

C. Logical

D. AutoSum

11. David has a small business and is working on an Excel worksheet to help manage his inventory. David realizes cell E14 has the wrong output. To check the problem, David should first select cell E14 and look at the _______ to check the formula.


A. Formula bar

B. Name box

C. Function tab

D. range

12. Sidney works in the accounting department. His boss just assigned him a task that involves creating budget formulas for the company’s payroll expense reports. Sidney will be using Excel spreadsheets to calculate the company’s payroll expense reports. In Excel, what does Sidney need to consider when creating formulas?


A. Excel has third-party formulas you can purchase from Microsoft.

B. Excel performs operations based on the order of precedence.

C. Excel has predefined formulas, so you don’t have to create any formulas from scratch.

D. Excel has limited capabilities, so it would be easier to use payroll software for this application.

13. You plan to use the Fill Down feature on a formula and you need to keep a cell reference the same. Which one of the following formats will allow you to keep the same cell reference?

A. E19

B. E$19

C. $E19

D. $E$19

14. You’ve been asked to find the largest number in a range of numbers. Which of the following could you use to find the largest number in range E11:E23?

A. =MAX(E11:E23)

B. =SUM(E11:E23)

C. =AVG(E11:E23)

D. =MIN(E11:E23)

15. Which of the following keys on a keyboard allows you to select multiple cells located in different parts of your worksheet?

A. Alt

B. Tab

C. Ctrl

D. Shift

16. Which of the following is an example of a complex formula?

A. =150*.05

B. Income – Expenses

C. SUM(A1:A14)

D. =A1<= A14

17. Which of the following identifies the patterns used for each data series in a chart?

A. Legend

B. Data series

C. The horizontal and vertical axes

D. Data point


18. The order of precedence determines


A. the order in which calculations are performed.

B. the order in which worksheets are printed.

C. how values are divided and multiplied.

D. the properties of the cell reference.


19. If you’re unsure of what chart to use for a set of data, what feature does Excel include that will help you to decide?


A. All charts

B. Recommended charts

C. Pivot chart

D. Sparklines

20. Evan is creating a worksheet and needs to copy information in cells A2:A13 into cells B2:B13. Which of the following is the easiest process for Evan to copy cells A2:A13 and place their information into B2:B13?


A. Highlight cells A2:A13, click on the Home tab, then in the Edit group, choose Copy, select cells B2:B13, and then click Paste.

B. Highlight cells A2:A13, click on the Format tab, choose Duplicate, select cells B2:B13, and click Enter.

C. Highlight cells A2:A13, right-click, choose Copy, select cells B2:B13, right-click, and then click Paste.

D. Highlight cells A2:A13, right-click, choose Cut, select cells B2:B13, right-click, and then click Paste.

















Section 3

1. To insert a new slide, which tab option should you select?

A. Home
B. Insert
C. Design
D. Slides

2. A _______ is a set of commands.

A. slide
B. handout
C. website
D. tab

3. Which view should you use if you want to look only at the text of the slides?

A. Reading View
B. Slide Sorter
C. Normal View
D. Outline View

4. When planning a presentation, there are several factors you need to consider. Which of the following is one factor you should consider when initially planning your presentation?

A. Location of audience
 B. Type of font
C. Saving your work
D. Title placeholder

5. After carefully constructing and double-checking all of your slides, you’re ready to preview your presentation. You’re on the fourth slide, but you need to see the whole presentation as one unbroken flow. What button should you use to view the whole presentation without exiting your present slide?

A. Custom Slide Show
B. From Beginning
C. From Current Slide
D. Present Online

6. Cindy wants to merge two cells together. Which of the following best describes the process of merging two cells?

A. Highlight the two cells and click the Home tab. In the Drawing group, click the Merge Cells button.
B. Highlight the two cells and click the Design tab. In the Setup group, click the Merge Cells button.
C. Highlight the two cells, right-click, and choose Merge Cells.
D. Highlight the two cells and click the Home tab. In the Paragraph group, click the Merge Cells button.

7. Wendy works for a large corporation, and her supervisor has asked her to create an informative PowerPoint presentation for an all-employee meeting. To help create consistency on every slide, which of the following tools should Wendy use?

A. Title Master
B. Slide Master
C. Illustrations Group
D. Auto Layout

8. Using the same formatting elements and designs across slides in a presentation is important to develop what vital quality?

A. Consistency
B. Efficiency
C. Fluidity
D. Authority

9. To create an identical version of a slide, you would click

A. Copy.
B. Duplicate Slide.
C. Create Slide.
D. Clone.

10. Abby wants to add a hyperlink to her presentation. Which of the following is the correct form for a link?

A. www.pfedu
C. wwwpennfosteredu

11. When you’re in the Normal view, what are the visible panes?

A. Text and Slide
B. Title and Slide
C. Placeholder and Subtitle
D. Slide and Thumbnails

12. Jane wants to add a chart to her presentation so she’ll click the Insert tab and in the Images group, she’ll click the Chart button. To add a chart to his presentation, Stevie will click the Insert tab and in the Illustrations group, he’ll click the Chart button. Who is/are correctly adding a chart?

A. Neither Jane nor Stevie
B. Stevie only
C. Both Jane and Stevie
D. Jane only

13. To distribute one or more presentations for use on another computer, which of the following features should you use?

A. Slide Show
B. Action Items
C. Package Presentation for CD
D. Scan a Presentation

14. Tracy inserted one of her favorite photos into a slide presentation. However, the picture is small and needs to be longer and wider. To make the picture larger, which of the following should she do?

A. Right-click on the object and click Size.
B. Click the Insert tab and in the Size group, click the Size drop-down arrow, and choose Size Object.
C. Select the object and use the size handles.
D. Double-click on the object and click Size.

15. Brian would like to automatically check the spelling in a presentation. To do this, he should select which of the following tabs?

A. View
B. Review
C. Insert
D. Home

16. Alan wants to find an image of a car he can use in a presentation. What button should he click in the Images group to run a search?

A. Internet Pictures
B. Clip Art
C. Online Images
D. WordArt

17. Which of the following is an example of a transition effect available in PowerPoint?

A. Block Out
B. Rain
C. Erase
D. Uncover

18. Which button would you use to insert a downloaded video clip on your computer into a slide?

A. Clip Art Video
B. Online Video
C. Media
D. Video on My PC

19. Performing a spell check can be done by clicking Spelling in which group?

A. Syntax
B. Grammar
C. Editing
D. Proofing

20. Sue needs to add a header and a footer to a presentation. Which process should she use to do this?

A. Click the Home tab, and in the Window group, choose Header and Footer.
B. Click the View tab, and in the Show/Hide group, choose Header and Footer.
C. Click the Insert tab, and in the Text group, choose Header and Footer.
D. Click the Home tab, and in the Insert group, choose Header and Footer.


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