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Step 1: Use sample Project-Charter-Template file provided here 

Only fill up the items pertaining to your ‘Individual’ project. Project I class is the first of the two-part graduate project classes.  It is not a regular course, but an independent project. In this semester, you will choose a project that you will complete in two semesters.  (Important: Select a project that is within your undertaking. You might either use a software /tool that you are familiar with or you will to learn a software or tool as you are building this project) Most common projects are e-Commerce sites, mobile applications or Windows Applications, but it may not be limited to these ideas. It is an individual project. and not a group project that you will build in steps. You all have taken CS-620 class that taught you software development life cycle.  Now, it is time to do your own case-study project.

Step 2: Create a detailed project plan (Gantt Chart) in MS-Project 2016 that shows all tasks and subtasks along  with time-lines. The software has templates on Software Development Plan as well as many other plans. Your plan must extend to two semesters ending in the beginning of April 2019. A sample plan is attached herewith in MS-Project format as well as in pdf format.

You may submit plan in pdf format or MS-Project format. (If you do not have access to MS-Project, you may use any other online tool such as SmartSheet)

Step 3: Submit your database design with the E-R Diagram (Crow’s Foot Notation) here.

Step 4 : Your final documentation will contain detailed information about all pertaining information from the provided sample – Updated Project charter, updated project plan providing completed tasks, accomplished design work of all tasks up to the design phase with screen-shots.

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