Research an existing health care organization and pinpoint a strategy used for recruiting training motivating and empowering health care staff september 2023

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Research an existing health care organization and pinpoint a strategy used for recruiting, training, motivating, and empowering health care staff and professionals. Use this organization’s strategy as a reference point when creating your strategic recruitment plan. At least 2 scholarly articles in addition to your textbook should be used for citations in the assignment, and all sources should be peer-reviewed. You are to complete the following portions of your health care organization strategic recruitment plan: Name your health care organization. Describe the health care organization for which you are creating a strategic recruitment plan. Include details about the population it serves and the services provided. Describe the health care organization’s recruitment and retention strategy you selected. • Create a strategic recruitment plan for the healthcare organization. How does your recruitment strategy create an environment for employees? Identify how your recruitment strategy is linked to the organizational vision and mission. Create a recruitment strategy overview (using bullet points) that links action plans to the following issues: Motivation Empowerment Training

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