Strategic Digital Marketing Plan Assignment – Instant Assignment Help |

Strategic Digital Marketing Plan Assignment – Instant Assignment Help |
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This project provides students with an opportunity to work  individually on developing a Digital Marketing Strategy for a company.

Accordingly, the development and delivery of the Digital Marketing  Plan is the most important element of the learning process. The project  should be comprehensive, and prepare a digital marketing plan of a  company, non-profit or product/service.

  1. Develop a plan that considers all aspects of the digital marketing  concepts learned in class to achieve identified strategic goals. This  includes: SEO/SEM, Thought Leadership, Online sales/service,  Digital Advertising, Online PR, Web Site, Reputation Management, E-Mail  Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing and other strategies  included in the course materials.
  2. Choose a company/product for which you believe a comprehensive  digital marketing approach could be introduced as a strategic element  for reaching marketing GOALS. It is important to select a company or  product that will have enough information and potential available to  research and formulate a comprehensive digital marketing plan. If the  business is too small, the scope of the project might be too small to  effectively use all that you learned in class.

Final Project Components:

  1. Situation Analysis: 1 page 
    1. Review where the company is today in terms of marketing strategy.
    2. Provide a competitive assessment showing major competitors and how your company is positioned against its competitors.
    3. Assess the current economic impacts facing the company
    4. Assess the regulatory/other impacts facing the company/industry
  2. Prepare SWOT analysis – Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats – 2 pages 
    1. Strengths are those factors that are internal to the organization  that provide the company/product with a competitive advantage in the  market.
    2. Weaknesses are those factors that are internal to the company that  are prohibiting growth of the company or impeding in the ability of the  company to succeed in the market.
    3. Opportunities are those factors external to the company in the  market or external environment that provide the potential for future  growth of the company/product.
    4. Threats are those factors external to the company in the economy,  trends, demographic changes, and technology, legal, political or other  areas that will pose a threat to the growth of the company/product in  the future. Attached is a video that shares the basics of SWOT. We won’t  be doing research with employees etc., but it does cover the basics.Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  
  3. Determine Target Markets – 2 pages 
    1. Note that your “markets” may not just consist of your customers, but also investors, influencers and employees.
    2. Provide a detailed analysis of the primary target markets including:  Description of age, gender, socio-economic status, media preferences,  behavioral trends, media habits, buying habits etc. This description  should provide a very solid understanding of how the target market  behaves, uses online media, social networks and other internet venues to  research and buy products, gather information and network. I would  narrow the assessment of the target market to one or two primary target  markets for the purpose of this project.
  4. Design the Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics – 3-5 pages 
    1. Utilizing all of the areas that we studied in the textbook determine  which digital strategies you will use in your plan and what goal you  want to accomplish for each strategy.
    2. Describe each strategy that you are employing and why you have  decided on that particular strategy to include in our marketing plan
    3. Once you have identified the strategies that you will use, define  tactics for each strategy to help you achieve your marketing goals. Try  to be as specific as possible when describing the tactics that you have  chosen Example: Tactic- A blog will be set up (Define the type  of topics for posting, frequency of posting, why you selected this  tactic based on potential audience interest, how the blog posts will  benefit the target audience and how you intend to get your audience to  view the blog). 
    4. See the sample plan attached to get an idea of what type of information to include in each section:SAMPLEPreview the document 

Project Characteristics:

  1. Length: Total report should be between 10-15 pages excluding tables and figures.
  2. Format: Typed, double-spaced, with appropriate business writing style.
  3. Timeline:
    • Section A and B – Situation Analysis and SWOT
    • Section C – Target Market Analysis
    • Section D – Marketing Strategy and Tactics 

To see a sample Digital Marketing Plan Click this document: –Digital Marketing Plan.pdfPreview the document



If you are using the project for your company and would like to  include proprietary and confidential information in your project, please  make sure you label “Confidential Do Not Share” on the cover of your  final project. I will then make sure that the report is not shared  electronically or in paper format with anyone.

For an example of an A+ paper, please see attached documentPreview the document.

The final project is evaluated based on the following criteria.

A – Thoroughly understands the concepts and uses  them in the marketing plan in an innovative way that shows original  thought. Provides comprehensive SWOT and Target Audience Analysis using a  variety of research sources. Uses the concepts learned in an original,  well thought and articulated manner that shows an exceptional grasp of  the material. Uses correct spelling, grammar and format. Provides well  documented bibliography. Uses a wide variety of resources to gather  information for the development of the plan.

B – Understands the concepts learned and applies  them correctly in the marketing plan. Includes all required parts of the  plan assignment. Provides a paper with correct spelling, grammar and  formatting. Documents all sources in a bibliography.

C – Completes the final project. Fails to apply the  concepts learned in the course or provides minimal display of concept  knowledge. Prepares generic assessments of SWOT/Target Audience showing  no evidence of research. Final document has spelling errors, grammatical  errors and in correct or missing format elements.

D or F – Fails to complete all or portions of the final project

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