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Tell Me In An Essay Of Two To Three Pages: What Is Your World View- Assignment Online |

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Which of the assumptions of realism make the most sense to you? Do you think most world leaders today embrace a “realist worldview” or a “liberal worldview?”

How would that choice change their approach to international relations? Which party is the most open to “realism” in the US today? Mainstream Republicans or the Democrats?

What is the central argument of the Liberal approach to global politics – collective security or free trade.. Or do they both reinforce each other?

Who is the least open to accepting the neo-liberal case for global free trade? Democratic progressives or Conservative Tea Party members?

How do the Marxian critics of Neo-Liberalism like Immanuel Wallerstein, combine elements of the realist and liberal arguments in their description of Global Capitalism as a “world system?

How does their argument about capitalism support critical alternatives?

Why might a “constructivist” agree with this historical approach to understanding the origins and development of the modern world system?

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