This assignment is the 3rd FINAL part to a 3 part assignment Part 1 2 september 2023

Human Service Assignment due by 2/23/18 6pm!!!
This assignment is the 3rd/FINAL part to a 3 part assignment. Part 1&2 are already completed, this 3rd part will add to the other 2 parts. 2 – 3 pages!!!!! MUST READ ATTACHED DOCUMENTS in order to submit a decent assignment. This assignment is ONLY for part 3 but you will need to read and understand the summary, parts 1 & 2, and the ethics code for DFCS! PLEASE READ ATTACHED DOCUMENTS! ASSIGNMENT DUE BY TOMORROW @ 6pm!!!! Part III Ethics Project -Week 7- February 23 Learning Outcome: Explain how the core values of integrity and community are intricately weaved into the foundation of ethical leadership and practice. After investigating the issue, the organizations mission/value statement and organizational chart and scholarly sources, prepare at 3 strong recommendations by incorporating appropriate NOHS standards. Discuss how incorporating human service values, NOHS standards and Saint Leo’s core values would enhance service delivery and create an organization where ethical practices were at the center of each decision. If Best Practices are already in place at the agency, then describe these ethical and legal policies. Note: You will combine Parts I, II, and III into one comprehensive document with appropriate title page, abstract and reference page. Submit the complete document Week 7 – February 23 @ 6pm!

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