This is a 250 word minimum forum post Due 1800 EST 4 Jan 18 september 2023

Ethics in HR forum
This is a 250 word minimum forum post. Due 1800 EST 4 Jan 18. 1. How does an ethical approach encourage problem solving skills in the workforce? What role does HR play in fostering this type of culture? 2. How can the HR department partner with managers in their effort to improve the decision making performance of a department’s team? What roles do problem solving and decision making play in strategy formulation? Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond to at least two other student posts (outside of your own). Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. Please review the forum grading rubrics in order to understand your responses in the forum will be graded. If you met the above-mentioned requirements, you will be graded at the proficient level. However, if your desire is to be graded at the exemplary level, please provide more than what is required. To receive 100% as a grade (the exemplary level) for the weekly forums, you should ensure that your responses meet the following criterion: Critical Analysis – Discussion postings display an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology. Postings integrate an outside resource, or relevant research, to support important points. Well-edited quotes are cited appropriately. No more than 10% of the posting is a direct quotation. ( It is important that you integrate the weekly readings in your response. One way to do that is to make position statements, then add citations to support and validate your position. A key focus is your ability to present your position in your own words, which is why no more than 10% of the post should be a direct quote. Paraphrasing is the best alternative ). APA citations are not required. However, if you use an outside source, make reference in some manner to that source just as you would in a verbal conversation. REFERENCES Dobson, S. (2014). Revised CHRP competencies reflect HR’s evolution. Canadian HR Reporter, 27 (16), 1-2. Retrieved from Mirahmadi, S. M., Rashidi, H., Kianian, N., & PoorAlian, R. (2014). STUDY THE ROLE OF MANAGERS’ DECISION-MAKING IN IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE OF HUMAN SOURCE. Kuwait Chapter of the Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, 3 (10), 19-27. Retrieved from Su, H. (2014). Business ethics and the development of intellectual capital. Journal of Business Ethics, 119 (1), 87-98.

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