This week s paper covers the first 8 chapters of your assigned text The paper will be 3 5 pages long not september 2023

Theory, Models, & Assessment Tools
This week’s paper covers the first 8 chapters of your assigned text. The paper will be 3-5 pages long, not including the cover sheet or references page. The paper will be APA (edition 6) format. In your paper, answer the following major topics that were covered in the first half of this course: 1. Choose one career development theory or model, and defend why it is preferable to other theories or models that you’ve read about. 2. Describe the various assessment tools used in Career Counseling. Which one do you believe is the most effective? Although the responses are covered in your text book, you must also include at least three (3) outside sources , ensuring that they are cited as in-text citations and listed in the references section of your paper.

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