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Week 7 Final Paper – Instant Assignment Help | assignmentsonline.org
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Describe a time when a change initiative at your company (or a previous one, or one you have researched) failed.  Describe ways that could have been used to overcome this resistance to change and choose and discuss an approach that could be used to managing this organizational change such as Lewin’s Three Step Model, Kotter’s eight-step plan, action research or organizational development.  Also, discuss how the organization can embrace change by creating a culture of change by using one of three approaches:  managing paradox, stimulating an innovative culture and creating a learning organization.  

The paper is to be 5 to 7 pages in length (not including cover page, abstract and reference pages) in APA 6th Edition format.  Scholarly resources should be used such as textbook, journals, articles.  Websites may be also used but as a minimum.  Wikipedia is not to be used as it is not considered a scholarly resource.  

To review the grading criteria, see attached!

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