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Which Of The Following Situations Would Be Considered Cyclical Unemployment?- Assignment Online | assignmentsonline.org

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Which of the following situations would be considered cyclical unemployment?



Choose one or more:

A. A college instructor’s contract is not renewed, because more people are taking online classes and the college does not need as many classroom instructors.

B. A worker on the assembly line at Ford is laid off due to a drop in car sales brought on by a weak economy.

C. A recent college graduate cannot find a job, despite excellent qualifications. The news media reports that there are not enough jobs to go around.

D. A typewriter repair shop closes, citing lack of business. The owner is quoted as saying, “We haven’t had a customer in weeks. It has something to do with people using computers.”

E. A friend wins the lottery and quits working. He says he will never work again.F. Another friend is taking a trip around the world while she waits for another job offer. She has been offered six jobs but has not accepted any of them.


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