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Here’s an example of a page from a medical office policy and procedure manual on the HIPAA topic of “Faxing Protected Health Information.” Click on either of the links below to download the example. Both Word and PDF documents are provided.

Example policy and procedure manual (Word)

Example policy and procedure manual (PDF)

In the “Sections of the Policy and Procedure Manual” in Chapter 3, you learned that these manuals can include information on:

  • Topics related to HIPAA compliance
  • Federal and state labor laws
  • Equal Employment Opportunity laws
  • Information on the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Information on the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Workers’ compensation laws
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations
  • Standards of conduct—everything from ethical behavior to dress codes
  • Compensation—benefits, overtime pay, performance reviews, sick time, vacations
  • Observed holidays
  • Attendance—work hours, disciplinary actions associated with call-offs and tardiness
  • Leave of absence policies
  • Termination and resignation procedures
  • Job descriptions—scope of responsibilities

Choose a topic from this list and research it. Then write a page for inclusion in your office’s policy and procedure manual that’s similar to the format of the page that we provided as an example.

You can use your textbook and the Internet to complete your research. If you aren’t currently working in a medical office, then write it for a type of medical office where you’d like to work, such as a primary care physician’s practice or a pediatrician’s office.

Type your answer into a Microsoft Word document or a Notepad document. Be sure to save your file using this naming protocol: lastname_firstinitial_Assignment13. So if your last name is Jones and your first name is Wanda, you would name your file Jones_W_Assignment13. Then use the “Browse” button below to locate the file on your computer and the “Upload this file” button to send it to your facilitator.

Once you submit your assignment, your facilitator will receive a notification, review your work, and assign you a grade. If you have any questions, please contact your facilitator.

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