You must use at least 10 sources in the paper Your case study september 2023

Human resources case study
You must use at least 10 sources in the paper. Your case study must focus on human resources, highlight the relevant literature that exists on that topic, and examine the ways in which the hospitality and tourism industry prepares for and responds to these situations. Your goal is to identify a hospitality or tourism organization that demonstrates best practices in the Human resources area. Case studies may be compiled from field research, published sources and/or generalized experience. Case studies do not have to follow a specific structure. However, each case study is expected to include sections related to the following topics: a). abstract b). key words c). introduction to the topic d). a background of the subject organization and of the topic; e). an analysis of the dilemma; f). a section explaining the questions and dilemmas of the case study; g). related bibliography and additional reading. The case studies must be of maximum 5,000 words excluding figures, tables, annexes and bibliography. The case studies will be evaluated against three criteria: content, theoretical underpinning, and presentation. Case studies must adhere and follow the submission guidelines of case study writing. All case studies must be accompanied by a short abstract of not more than 100 words and a list of no more than six key words , which define the subject matter. General Text Requirements for Case Studies All case studies must be free of grammatical, spelling and/or punctuation errors . Please make sure your paper is thoroughly edited and proof read before submission. Specifications: Prepare your paper using Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 or higher only. Set the page margins to 2,54 cm (up and down) and 3,17 (left and right) . Indent the first sentence of each paragraph with 1/2 inch and align text left. Single spaced within each paragraph but double spaced between paragraphs. Do not number the pages but make sure the pages are in the correct order. Use “Times New Roman” font size 12.

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