1 Two types of executives in a company are key employees and highly september 2023

1. Two types of executives in a company are key employees and highly compensated employees. Explain each type and identify how they differ from regular employees. (210 words) In-text Citation Needed 2. The six particular forms of deferred compensation are: incentive stock option, non-statutory stock option, restricted stock, phantom stock plans, discount stock options, and stock appreciation rights. Provide detailed explanation of each. (210 words) In-text Citation Needed 3. Identify and explain the disclosure requirements for executive compensation as established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Using an Internet search engine, look up an executive compensation disclosure report for a company of your choice and provide a link to that information into the response box. Indicate the specific dollar amount for each SEC required category. Make sure you identify and explain any descriptions under other compensation. (210 words) In-text Citation Needed 4. The three theories used to set executive compensation are agency theory, tournament theory, and social compensation. For each theory, name a specific company that uses that theory. Also, explain why the company you have chosen uses one theory over the others. (210 words) In-text Citation Needed Reference: Martocchio, J. J. (2013). Strategic compensation: A human resource management approach (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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