10-12 pg Final Course Topic Paper Human resources paper Quality work in APA format
QUALITY WORK Directions for Submission Using the Assignment Rubric below, your Topic Proposal and Topic Outline (and the corresponding feedback) as a guide, develop a 10-12 page (not including title and reference pages) APA formatted paper. An important element of writing at the graduate level is to be clear and concise in your delivery. As a reminder a minimum of five scholarly sources must be utilize, cited within the text of your paper, and referenced. Be sure to include the use of appropriate headings and subheadings throughout to help guide your reader and facilitate topic transitions, proper citations and references, and appropriate document format (margins, spacing, etc), as dictated by APA guidelines. INCORPORATE TWO ATTACHMENTS AS WELL! Learning Outcomes: • Evaluate the relative merits of a variety of human resources interventions such as organizational development, succession and workforce planning, strategic staffing, diversity training, cultural change, and rewards and recognition redesign. • Demonstrate an understanding of all the HR disciplines and how they contribute to overall organizational effectiveness. • Apply acquired human resources knowledge to resolve business and organizational issues. • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between strategic HR initiatives and an organization’s global competitiveness. • Demonstrate how to design, develop, and implement effective HR policies and programs. Throughout the course, you will be tasked with selecting, researching, and writing a paper on the Human Resource Management (HRM) topic of your choice. You are encouraged to select a topic you find interesting or one that is relevant to your current or future career. I find that it is generally more enjoyable and thus successful when you focus on research for a topic you personally find interesting and relevant to you. There are three assignments throughout the seven weeks to help you complete the course topic paper. They are: For this course’s major assignment, in a word document of your choice, such as Microsoft Word, use the work completed in the first two parts of this assignment (Proposal & Outline) and complete your topic paper on the chosen HRM topic. Be mindful of the scope or your topic addressing the key elements identified in relation to your selected topic. You are not required to cover all elements of HRM, but only your selected target/topic area. FOllow below to meet all requirements for paper ch writing assignment is worth a total of 150 points. Please see the grading rubric below for additional detail and feedback on performance. Criteria Limited Marginal Excellent APA Format 0 to 4 points Limited-to-no use of APA guidelines: Paper is missing key elements of an APA formatted paper such as: Title page, in- text citations, References page. Format errors are significant and demonstrate no attempt to follow APA guidelines. 5 to 9 points Followed some APA guidelines: A few significant citation and/or referencing errors (e.g. separating the author and year when citing, omitting a reference title, journal name, publisher, or year, or parts of the reference are out of order. Student makes attempts at APA format for all areas of the paper. Attempt may contain errors but does not hinder the readability of the paper. 10 to 15 points Followed APA guidelines: Title page contain perfect or near perfect APA format. In-text citation contain perfect or near perfect APA format. APA citations with no more than minor  errors such as including first initials, using “and” rather than & in a parenthetical citation, and using et al. in the first citation with 3- 5 authors. Reference page contains perfect or minimum APA references errors. Puts exact words of authors in quotation marks with name, year, and page number included. Spacing is used correctly for references and paper structure. Mechanics (free of grammatical, spelling and/or typographical errors, thoughts well-articulated and clearly presented) 0 to 4 points Writing lacks clarity or conciseness and contains numerous errors; gives insufficient detail and relevant data and information; lacks organization 5 to 9 points Writing is accomplished in terms of clarity and conciseness and contains only a few errors; includes sufficient details and relevant data and information; well-organized 10 to 15 points Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness; includes thorough details and relevant data and information; extremely well-organized Focus of Topic 0 to 19 points Lacks clear focus or topic. Missing support and analysis of issue. 20 to 39 points Focus is somewhat clear and connects to the established topic. Submission lacks clear analysis or support to fully examine the scope of the required assignment. 40 to 50 points Submission has an intentional focus relevant to the area of study: Focus is clear and well-established throughout the paper. Supporting research is synthesized and used appropriately to establish relevance and support within the paper. In-depth discussion and analysis of the topic are provided. Depth of analysis, critical thinking and originality of thought 0 to 19 points Supports diagnosis and opinions with limited reasons and evidence; presents a somewhat one-sided argument 20 to 39 points Supports diagnosis and opinions with reasons and evidence; presents a fairly balanced view; interpretation is both reasonable and objective 40 to 50 points Supports diagnosis and opinions with strong arguments and evidence; presents a balanced and critical view; interpretation is both reasonable and objective Connections 0 to 4 points Made no connections. Lacked any elaboration. 5 to 14 points Marginal connections: Made some connections. Minimal elaboration. 15 to 20 points Integrated new knowledge with prior knowledge and extended or related it to conditions within an organization or system: Made connections with current practice, prior knowledge, or other professional experiences. Made connections with relevant ideas and issues applicable to professional settings.

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