5 pages of well-designed web pages,

Create A Website And The Topic Of The Website Is Hotel. I Will Need At Least 5 Pages Of Well Designed Web Pages, And The Things To Include In The Website, – HTML5 – CSS3 – Multimedia Objects Such As Images, Video And Audio – Web Form – Javascript As Part Of Assignment, I Will Need To Submit A Short Report Containing The Following: – Short

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hi, im tasked to create a website and the topic of the website is Hotel.
I will need at least 5 pages of well-designed web pages, and the things to include in the website,

– CSS3
– Multimedia objects such as images, video, and audio
– Webform
– Javascript

As part of the assignment, I will need to submit a short report containing the following:
– Short introduction on the selected topic
– Storyboard of the website design
– Screen Capture of the Website
– List of websites accessed for references.

appreciate it!!

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