Develop an understanding of which sources provided the most helpful information in your research

A thorough outline serves as a road map to putting together your research paper.  Detailed instructions are provided under Assignments, and a document on How to Outline as well as a Rubric for Outlining are also provided.  If you take the time to develop a thorough outline, your paper will be practically written.

The absolute best way to organize your research paper is to outline the content you intend to include: The titleThe introduction with the thesis statementThe body of the paperThe conclusion

The more information and personal interpretation you include, the more assistance your outline will provide.  It will also help you immensely if you read and follow the instructions in How to Develop an Outline make good use of the Rubric – Outline.  An outline developed with care and thought will serve as a “road map” to your final research paper, making that paper so much easier to write and far more perfect than it would be without an outline.


Annotated Bibliography: 

I’ve made the rubric for this assignment available to you. To ensure a good performance, be certain to use it with care.

Remember to review my comments and your grade to ensure that the bibliography is appropriate and as correct as possible when you add it to your research paper.  It should follow the final page of your text (the Conclusion).  Force the first page of the bibliography onto the next page using MSWord by clicking on ctrl and enter at the same time.

Learning Objectives: Develop an understanding of which sources provided the most helpful information in your research and be able to encapsulate that information for your reader(s) who may be historians doing their own research.Also develop the ability to summarize the crucial information in that source..

As your research nears its end, it’s time to create your bibliography.  As many historians do, you must produce an annotated bib that not only tells the reader how to locate each source, but whether or not it’s a valuable, properly scholarly, and thorough source.  That’s where the annotation comes in. 

You should have no fewer than nine scholarly sources (no HIST 377 course materials, no textbooks, no dictionaries, and no encyclopedias).  The sources must consist of academic journal articles, scholarly books and websites, and primary sources. Since this is due just before your final paper is due, it should include your entire bibliography with no fewer than nine sources. 

To help you distinguish scholarly from popular sources, see  To help you write annotations, see

Be certain to use the rubric for this assignment to ensure corr


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