Explore the benefits/downsides of creating manufacturing operations outside US (OUS)

Demonstrate all that you have learned about managing of diversity and cultural difference with a foreign work place, and or employees.

Explore the benefits/downsides of creating manufacturing operations outside US(OUS).

When implementing Global Business Strategies, it is important to understand your multi- cultural and diverse work place. You must adapt to a transnational business organization that require approaches and systems which allow for a variety of systems to allow variations of diversity. This could be “national” cultural diversity between countries, races and or ethnic groups. It is important for leadership to understand the issues when dealing with foreign owned or managing foreign facilities and or people. How do you manage this when creating a manufacturing operations outside the US.?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of just-in-time manufacturing? Strategic alliances? How does technology support the opportunity for using OUS resources to manage production? Give two examples of companies that have utilized OUS manufacturing capabilities successfully. Give two examples where going OUS has failed.

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