Keeping in mind best practices and treatment protocols how do you handle the september 2023

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Keeping in mind best practices and treatment protocols, how do you handle the patient? What other information must you consider in this scenario? What questions arise? What potential implications, if any, does the current scenario have on the conventional medical and of CAH therapies? Since I have just graduated from an accredited traditional Chinese medical program with all of my credentials intact, I would have a further discussion and examination of the patient. First would be the discussion. This would include family history, the approximate temperature of his home, in particular where he sleeps, previous treatments, general medical history such as surgeries, etc. This is where I would also discuss his current conventional treatment and his traditional healer. The use of turtle shell is not very surprising as in some cultures it may represent Mother Earth and is believed to have powerful healing properties (Moss, 2016) and the new moon is a time for new beginnings. I would discuss how he feels/believes each treatment is coming along both together and separately. I would delicately give awareness that the patients’ conventional doctor is using outdated protocols and recommend them to someone who would be using updated information and treatments. This would need to be done carefully because as a 72-year old there is a possibility he has been with his outdated doctor for a long time and has built up loyalty in his conventional care doctor. Then I would move on to a thorough physical examination and document my findings. After my review I would tell the patient my findings and gently repeat my recommendation of a different conventional doctor’s diagnosis. I would also recommend some herbal teas and drinking plenty of water to flush out any toxins as well as some dietary changes (add fresh lemon and ginger drink to decrease any inflammation and decrease or cut out coffee, sugar, tea and alcohol). Reference Moss, M. (2016).American Indian: health and nursing. Springer Publishing Company, p, 118. Retrieved from est Practices

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