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Marketing Assignment#1- Assignment Online |

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“Check out attachments and read instructions before you make Hand Shake. Otherwise, I won’t sign the agreement”




I hope this message finds you doing well.

This assignment is ONLY ONE page or less.


Read carefully all the files/instructions I attached and then write 1 page (summary) based on the instructions and attachment provided below.


I will run the paper through Copyscape that homework market provides, and the result MUST be = ZERO.


The most IMPORTANT things for me:

1) Follow the ALL instructions carefully 100%.

2) Use very simple language and idea because I’m an international student and I need to understand everything about my paper from my paper itself. We might discuss our papers in class šŸ™

3) Finish it on time.

4) To be able to continue with me for 9 weeks for nine following assignments in the same class, one paper each week, because all these 9 assignments are going to be one project in the end (Marketing plan).


“See all attachments, and read them carefully, because I’m going to be your customer for the same topic in nine following assignments”


Check out attachments before you make Hand Shake to make sure all of them can be opened.


IF you need any further information please ask me.


Thank you in advance,


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