Metrology and Precision Manufacturing Questions

Long Answer Questions (15 Pts Each) 1. If you must purchase a CMM and choose between contact and non-contact type probes for the evaluation of surface roughness of parts you produce, what should be the criteria for your decision making? List them and evaluate each probe type using the criteria you have listed. When are you going to go with a contact-type probe? When are you going to go with a non-contact type optical probe? 2. If your boss asks you to carry out an acceptance test for assessing parallelism of spindle axis to guideways, what metrology equipment do you plan to use? Give some details of your testing plan with the equipment you have chosen. Add pictures to better explain your plan if necessary. 3. Your boss asks you to build a dimensional metrology room in the middle of a shop floor for measuring size, form, and position errors of parts or part features using CMM and other metrology equipment. You have the freedom to spend one million dollars. You found out that you need to spend 100,000 dollars to build an enclosed space with walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. What other equipment or systems or items you must buy to make the room operational without any serious accuracy problems? Carry out research and allocate money and justify your spending to the best of your knowledge. Make assumptions if necessary. 4. List advantages and disadvantages of flexures compared to conventional actuators such as precision leadscrew in terms of control of high-precision motions. Use piezo flexure actuators as an example of flexure application and precision linear stage as an example of conventional motion control application to help answer better to the question. 5. What are the general advantages and disadvantages of laser interferometers? Toward what types of engineering (or measurement) applications, you would consider using laser interferometers? 6. Carry out research on the design of 3D printers which use 3 different types of linear drives. What are these 3 different types of linear drives from your research? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each liner drive system? Please make sure that your comparisons are done using a 3D printer as an example.
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