ou need to read the Fair Trade Case https mitsloan mit edu LearningEdge sustainability Fair Trade Coffee Pages Fair Trade Coffee aspx and answer the september 2023

Sustainability Fair Trade Case
ou need to read the Fair Trade Case ( https://mitsloan.mit.edu/LearningEdge/sustainability/Fair-Trade-Coffee/Pages/Fair-Trade-Coffee.aspx ) and answer the questions below. I am only going to grade and add points if you answer all the questions. You can get a total of 10 points but the grading is going to be very strict (I want to see that you have understood the case, gather reliable data, analyzed well the information, used what we learned in class, and thought before answering your questions). Maximum of 5 written pages (single-spaced), figures and tables not included. I expect that you read and fully analyze information and include in the report what is needed. Please, for each information/data that you use cite the reference and add a list of references in the end of the document (that is not counted for the 5 written pages). A based on data answer/research should have, besides all the sources used to gather information about companies/prices for questions 1 and 2, at least 6 other reliable sources of data. In our next class I will take 5 minutes to answer questions about the assignment. Best, Questions 1) Search what companies ‘roast/package’ or sell Fair Trade Certified coffee in the U.S. (at least 20 coffee shops, roasters, corporations and 10 retail stores). Discuss how mainstream Fair Trade certified coffee is nowadays in U.S. (possibly use market data on coffee sales over time). – 1 point 2) Compare the prices of the Fair Trade coffees identified in number 1 (all of them by category/ coffee shop, package powder, etc) with a similar coffee that is not Fair Trade. Discuss the results. – 1 point 3) Based on the previous analysis, what do you think was the decision of the Fair Trade Organization (discussed in the case, assume the case was written in 2008): did they make Fair Trade coffee mainstream? Explain if the decision had the negative effects expected. (use data on industry analysis, Euromonitor etc). – 2 points 4) Evaluate the fair trade standard for agriculture – https://www.fairtradecertified.org/business/standards/agricultural-production-standard (compare with GRI indicators in all major areas). Explain how the standards differ (more comprehensive/less, stricter or not, etc) than the GRI. Fair trade says that they pay a fair price. Is there mention of a living wage on the standards? – 2.5 points 5)List the pros and cons of Fair Trade for the following actors (expected research on this, not only your opinion. your opinion must be based on research) – 2.5 points a) producer b) communities where producers are located c) retail stores (Wal Mart, Whole Foods, Target, Ralphs, etc.) d) corporations (Nestle, Maxwell, Starbucks, etc.) e) consumers

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