please response to these writers for each writer in 3 lines NOTE september 2023

Response to these writers
please response to these writers for each writer in 3 lines NOTE: t h is is just for FIZZS writer For chapter 12 For me, I think that the individual training and development program is an automatic requirement for every employee- I mean you do have to have some level of training before you can be employed to a certain position (at least for most jobs). Therefore, it is a better option to focus the training and development program for employees at the group level. Individuals acquire general training for their positions from different institutions and therefore may not have a uniform basis for approaching the jobs. Focusing on these individuals as a group will help in further educating them and preparing them specifically for the organization, and also in this case, you can be certain that they all have the same kind of training and therefore, understanding level with regard to their specific duties. For chapter 11 I happened to be in internship at an audit firm for three months during my college years. I admired this particular IT system analyst who used to work at the company. He was a guru in the sector, finding a solution to most problems involving system deliverables and computers. He was rich in knowledge on software products and was the main point of reference about most IT issues in the firm, although his main job specification was developing and managing system requirements. He had profound experience in software and held a master’s degree in IT. This made him an instructor too within the firm. He trained interns and employees on how to use various computer systems that existed within the firm. for chapter 10 My experience in training and development in my organization had been done with little knowledge of many of these theories. I would look at a problem or a need and do what I thought was best to address the concerns and influence the necessary change. After many of the reading I began to learn that I had been following certain theories more than others. I believe that I use the ADDIE process pretty accurately even before I was introduced to its philosophy. Before I would construct a training I would look at the root cause for a problem and analysis the cause. After I identified where the setback was being generated from I would work on a plan (Design) to help achieve the desired results. After development and the initially implication of each training session I always felt necessary to evaluate its strengths and make improvements. It is interesting to me that with no prior knowledge of such theories how a person can still naturally find its process as the most effective way to achieve results. This is why I feel that the ADDIE process is a training outline that I will continue to use as its utilizes my analytical strengths to have the greatest chance to reach mine and my organizations goals.

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