Response by address a limitation or dysfunction of this system that may hinder exercise performance Us3 september 2023

WK 4 Response need to be 100 word only
Response, by address a limitation or dysfunction of this system that may hinder exercise performance. Us3 the Bold Word to answer this Please. Should be at least 100 words in length and include one additional scholarly resource . I applaud your wanting to take the driver’s seat with regards to your health! Jogging three days a week is an excellent way to work your way up to a 5K! I am sure by now you understand the positive yet dramatic effect your new exercise routine will have on your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. With that said, I would like to chat with you briefly about what your body will be experiencing in the neuromuscular system. The neuromuscular system consists of the brain and spinal cord. The brain is responsible for sending signals to and from the muscles by way of nerves and the spinal cords serves as the information highway for transport. At rest, the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for the relaxed state we are in with a decreased heart rate and breathing rate. The motor unit is only conducting what needs to for you function in daily life. When the body becomes active due to exercise, the parasympathetic system is inhibited and the sympathetic system takes over. The motor units responsible for helping you work through strenuous activity are underway. Your heart rate increases, breathing increases and blood flow to those muscles at work also fuel the training process. Oxygen uptake increases as it is needed to help your muscles put forth that extra effort. Because of the advanced electrical system our bodies possess, you will become faster and stronger. Your training will become easier and this is because “over time, strength training for intermuscular coordination reduces the motor unit activation necessary to lift the same load, thus leaving more motor units available for higher loads” (Tudor Bompa, 2017).

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