The Patient s Experience of Healthcare Delivery Note Before completing this Discussion please familiarize yourself with the Week 3 Discussion september 2023

The Patient’s Experience of Healthcare Delivery Note: Before completing this Discussion, please familiarize yourself with the Week 3 Discussion Rubric located in the Course Information area of the course navigation menu. In an ideal health care delivery system, all patients would have access to affordable, high-quality health services that are well coordinated to ensure the continuity and comprehensiveness of care. In reality, patients may have vastly different experiences based on their health problem or injury, the organizations that provide services close to where they live, and how the health services they need are financed. Consider, for example, a 56-year-old man who has a hemorrhagic stroke in a rural area of Alaska. What services will he need through the duration of his recovery experience? Where will he receive care? How will he pay for the services he needs? Now think about how his situation might compare to a 56-year-old man who had a stroke and lived in Houston, Texas. How might the two patients’ experiences compare in terms of care coordination and the continuity and comprehensiveness of services they receive? This Discussion, which relates to your PowerPoint Assignment for this week, provides a forum for you and your colleagues to evaluate experiences patients may have with health care delivery. For this Discussion, be prepared to describe one of the organizations/agencies you featured in your PowerPoint Assignment and discuss care coordination. As indicated in the Assignment instructions, if you are an international student, you may choose a geographic area in the United States or use your own location as the patient’s location. In addition, develop a brief description of your hypothetical patient (presented in the PowerPoint Assignment) that includes the patient’s primary diagnosis and location. Note: You are encouraged to apply insights from your scholarly discussion with colleagues in this Discussion forum to strengthen the description and analysis in your PowerPoint presentation for the Assignment. Post by Day 4 a substantive and cohesive response to the following: Describe one organization/agency that would be involved in care delivery for your hypothetical patient. Provide specific details related to: The geographic location in which it is located The primary diagnosis of your hypothetical patient Types of patients typically treated at this facility Administration Departments Payment sources the organization accepts Performance improvement efforts Briefly identify other organizations/agencies with which your selected organization is likely to coordinate in order to provide optimal care. General Guidance on Discussion Posts: Your original post, due by Day 4 , will typically be 3–4 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate. Refer to the Week 3 Discussion Rubric for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.

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